Are you sure that you are properly covered ? 
This is why the ESF Arêches-Beaufort offers you to subscribe to the Carré Neige Insurance. 

With the Carré Neige, you benefit will from the skills of the best professionals of the sector and full benefits, from the rescue slope team to the reimbursement of the ski passes and transport by ambulance. You assure your protection, but also that of your family and limit the costs which in the mountains can reach heights.
So to ski with peace of mind and hurtle down the slopes in all serenity, alone, with family or friends, think Carré Neige.

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How does it work ? 

The Carré Neige "Alpin" Insurance is an option available for 5 or 6 days classes when you order online.

  • Carré Neige "Alpin" :  16.80 € / 6 days - 14.00 € / 5 days.
  • You can also buy the Carré Neige Insurance directly at the ski pass office.

What happens in case of an accident ?

Carré Neige takes charge of all costs as soon as you use the professionals to help you, find you or to give you first aid.

Carré Neige Insurance 

  • Rescue and evacuation
  • Repayment of ski passes and ski lessons for a duration of more than 3 days.
  • Additional guarantees: reimbursement of medical expenses, pharmaceutical and hospital, in addition to mandatory health agencies; guranteed legal defence cover.
  • Breakage of ski.
  • Repatriation.

Reimbursement of ski lessons *

  • If the insured is hurt, making him/her unable to ski (up to 300 €).
  • In case of sickness, making the insured unable to ski (up to 300 €).
  • In case the family of the policy-holder has to suddenly return.
  • If the insured needs repatriation.
  • In case the lifts are stopped for more than 5 consecutive hours.
  • To a parent holding a "Carré Neige" Insurance, who needs to go with a hurt child insured by "Carré Neige".
  • In case the lifts are stopped for bad weather for more than one day on more than 80% of the skiing area.

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What is the procedure to follow for repatriation ? 

  • If your condition requires it and you must travel further than 150 km, you may request repatriation by calling Europ Assistance at: 01 41 85 85 96.
  • For distances under 150 km and on the day of the accident, to request direct payment or reimbursement, you can contact : 04 79 07 36 11 ou au 04 79 07 36 12

How do I receive reimbursement for my unused ski passes and ski lessons ? 

Within 8 days fill out the claim form available on our website ( or in the Carré Neige sales outlets and send it, together with the supporting documents, to the following address :
  • DIOT Montagne
Assurances Carré Neige
73 704 Bourg Saint Maurice Cedex

Attached documents :
  • Original of the ski pass (and/or proof of purchase of the ski pass and the Carré Neige).
  • The doctor's initial medical certificate indicating the type of injuries and whether or not there is an inability to ski.

How do I know if my application has been dealt with ?

As soon as your claim is being dealt with, Diot Montagne will give you your application number. It can used to follow online and in real time the advancement of your application.