Safety rules

Just like for any other sports, the different winter sports involve risks and responsibilities.

1 - Respect others
Slope users must behave such as their actions or equipment do not cause harm to another skier.

2 - Control your speed and actions
Every slope user must act and slide according to his own capacities, weather, terrain, and snow conditions. Mind the traffic. 

3 - When you are uphill

When you are uphill, you can choose your trajectory. You must control it in order to not harm the downhill skiers. 

4 - Overtaking
You can overtake other skiers uphill, downhill, from the left, or from the right. In any case it has to be wide enough to anticipate the other skiers' actions.

5 - At a crossing or before going on a slope
After a stop or at a crossing, each user has to check uphill and downhill to make sure that he can go safely, without a risk for himself or someone else.

6 - Pause
You should not pause in narrow passages or blind spots. If you fall, please get quickly out of the way.

7 - On foot
If you have to be on foot, going up or down the slope, please walk on the piste side. Make sure that you or your equipment is not a danger for others.

8 - Respect the information, markings, and signs
The user must take into account the information concerning weather, slope, and snow conditions. You must respect the markings and the signs.

9 - Assistance
Anyone witnessing or involved in an accident must help by alert the emergency services. If needed, this person can be asked to answer or help the first aiders.

10 - Identification
Anyone witnessing or involved in an accident must identify himself to the emergency services or the other persons present. 

advice to pupils:

  • Prior to your lessons, you must have your lesson card or ticket and a lift pass
  • Pupils are expected to be on time and clothed accordingly
  • Please ask your instructor before you change classes